Friday, May 15, 2009

Work in Progress

Currently I am low on finances, so making another warhammer army right now just isn't feasible at the moment. So, considering that I am on a HUGE pirate kick, I have decided to immerse myself in the game 'Legend of the High Seas' (see my links to the right on my blog).

My leader model is usually the model that I convert the most in miniature battle games (though it may be debatable this time with some of the conversion work I have planned, and the ship I plan to build for LotHS). I haven't changed much from the standard I have set for myself, when it came to my captain model.

Taken shortly after most of the actual conversion work was finished, my captain model is based on the Epic Skarre model from Privateer press.

I really need a better camera.

After basing the model with thin ash plywood planking.

Old Conversions.

As a miniature battle gamer, I think I love converting models the most. I love making something unique, something that is entirely mine and original, and making miniatures that other people will 'wow' over.

Who knows if I am actually all that good at converting, but I like to think I am... at least enough so that I keep doing it. Here are some of my old favorites that I've made and still own (older models having been sold unfortunately).

My old Inquisitor model for my Deamon Hunter / Witch Hunter Army for Warhammer 40k.

My Eldar Ranger conversion for 'Inquisitor'.

Several of my models for the 'Path of Glory' style Warhammer Skirmish game that we were going to play, but never did. =(