Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pirate Basing, and Boat Plans

A couple pictures of ship deck planning and balsa wood measurements.

Basing of my Pirate models, step by step.

A couple of pictures of the Birch Plywood I use for my basing and pricing.

An example of a base in progress, half way trimmed.
Measuring for another plank.

Clipping the base flash into studs, to be inserted into the base.
measure, mark, and drill.

cut slot for the model to fit into.
Measure second slot.
Cut the second slot and glue!
Yay! All done. Now time to prime and paint.

First game of Pirates, and new 40k army

So, two weeks ago, Jes, Andy and I all finally got together for the first time in years and spent some time down at the game store working on miniatures and actually getting a game in of Pirates. Pirates was fun, and even though the rules weren't made for a three person game, we worked it out.

All three of us were excited about actually getting together to play finally, and we have all been talking about Necromunda and 40k as well. Jes has never played Necromunda, but seems very interested, while Andy and I have enough models for necromunda to play a could gangs each (if we ever needed to, heh). I am perhaps the most excited about my new 40k army that I am starting however. Jes and I have decided to each start a new army together, take our time, and make something that's wholly our own in respect to modelling and painting. Taking it slow, we are both working on 1 unit at a time and converting models and painting so that we do not get overwhelmed, while immersing ourselves in the armies of our choice.

Working with Eldar myself, I am making a wraith army, while Jes has returned to the space marines. While trying to figure out what army to play I wanted to do something new, and something with a lower model count, which left out vanilla marines, space wolves, another grot army, eldar rangers, and inquisitorial armies. It really came down to two armies for me... Tyranid Warrior army and Eldar wraith army. As far as I can tell, in the new codex for Tyranids, you can't field as many Warriors as you could have in the past and drawn to the ideas and background of a wraith army, it was an easy choice.

While aquireing my first models for the army, I have been playing around with the idea of creating my own craftworld for the army, or if I wanted to use a current craftworld but with a twist. As a wraith army, I am even converting my warlocks into wraith constructs using the OLD ghost warrior models.
Obviously, having my warlocks as wraith constructs themselves pushes my eldar force into a realm that is more diminished than even the Iyanden Craftworld. Inspired by the style of the wraith constructs and this quote from the most recent codex,
"A few Seers that have travelled along the most distant skeins of possible futures, Eldrad Ulthran foremost amongst them, see a hidden hope. They believe as more and more Eldar leave the mortal coil and become one with the infinity circuits, a new Eldar god grows in power - Ynnead, God of the Dead. They believe that when every last Eldar has died in the final days, Ynnead will awaken and have strength enough to defeat Slaanesh Forever."
I have also chosen to field an avatar converted to look more like a wraith construct, as a representation of the growing power of Ynnead, having replaced the Avatar of Khaine in the craftworld my army comes from.

Again this brings me back to the decision, do I want to make this my own craftworld, or do I want to make my background that of an existing craftworld, but (as mentioned before) the twist of my force coming from the future (which sounds kinda hokey). I plan on using Eldrad Ulthran as my other HQ choice, and planning on copying the style of Phil's Ulthwe Host paint scheme (using a shiney bone color instead of white, along with black). It would make sense that my army could be a representation of a distant future Ulthwe force. On the other hand I was playing with the idea of a new smaller craftworld that had been overrun by Snaanesh deamons who broke through the webway to the craftworld, causing the slaughter of almost the entire craftworld, before beaten back (which would also be a cool conversion idea for basing my models with fallen daemonettes and such).

Choices, choices...