Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wraithbone is growing nicely.

My Farseer has been repaired and final touches of the conversion finished (hopefully the green stuff will look better once I have paint on the model). I think I still have a lot to learn with green stuff.

What I have put together so far and what is primed. The second squad is actually almost finished now. 1 more wraith lord, 2 more war walkers, and maybe another 10 wraithguard and I'll have everything I need to finish my army. As a side note, work on my avatar is still under way... maybe more in the next update.

Finally some paint on my test model. This is closed to my final paint scheme, with a couple modifications. Also after I seal the model I will be going over the bone-white areas and jems with a gloss varnish. We will see what it looks like once the test model is finished and then the rest will be painted shortly after.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Games the past month...

Just some random pictures of games with Jes mainly.
testing out the new missions and still learning the rules. Next images are from a Seize ground mission.
The squads face off from their respective objectives.
my dead pile
Jes' dead pile
End of the game... TIE! lol
it was epic, and Jes' model's pose was priceless. "Bring it eldar scum!"
It was as if it was the moment the Marine was born for.
Afterwords I played against Mr. Doushbag again... wiped me off the board in two turns... I killed one obliterator. And yes that's Kharn the Betrayer and a defiler in a 500 pt game. also the rhino you see in the image was moved sideways the entire game. I didn't know treads moved sideways... but I guess that's how the rules work.
Oh, and he broke my farseer... even with the staff pinned.

Not that I don't mind playing someone who kicks my teeth in sometimes, and I still learn a lot from games with Mr. Doushbag... but seriously, can't we play to have fun and not JUST to win?