Thursday, November 19, 2009

First games with the Wraith Army.

Well, last night was the first day of the escalation league. I played Jes twice, and our armies were pretty evenly matched. Fielding only 1 unit of wraithguard (10+ spirit seer) and a Farseer at 500 points, our games just ended up in a melee furball both games. We both learned a few things about the new rules as well as our armies.

Some guy kept wanting to play me, but he seemed like a jerk and I didn't want to leave Jes hanging... so I accepted as long as it would be a 2 vs. 2 game. I should have listened to my instincts. The guy was... well... one of "Those Guys". He had a minimum troop choice with two suped up demon princes who rerolled their missed hits and wounds each phase, had wings (though not represented on the models), and killed my entire force after I moved once. His partner wasn't much better with a space marine special character and an assault squad (no troops, which means his army list was illegal for the league). Jes held on longer than I did and actually managed to do some wounds on one of the demon princes before being wiped out too.

I hate it when people play just to stomp peoples heads in. Especially in an escalation league meant to introduce new players to the rules and encourage them to build an army. At least Jes and I learned a few more things about the new system in the last game (namely the "No Retreat!" rule), and who not to play against from now on.

Jes and I are still stoked about our armies, and we are still planning our next steps (colour schemes, background, purchases, etc).

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Well, stress has been barely beaten back by the power of converting and planning.
Jes and I have been steadily working on our 40k armies. With Kublacon a ways off, motivation of another sort has blessed us with a need to get our acts together... an escalation league!

Unfortunately, the escalation league starting at 500 points. Which means I can only play in the initial stages of the league if Aaron Hassle decides I can play without using a force organization chart (which he still hasn't given me a clear answer after asking him about it twice). I'm not the only one with this issue though, so hopefully it will be okay to play with my awesome possum army at such a low level for the next few weeks.

Here are some pictures of my W.I.P....

-Messing around with basing options, and planning my warlock conversions:-The 5 units that will compose my army (minus my eventual titan conversion I have planned for the far future):
-A closer look at my Farseer (Who I will be using as Eldrad, note the staff and the sword):
-Another angle of my Avatar:
-One Warwalker almost finished:
-Last, but least, one of my Wraithlords w/converted Starcannon:

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Finally a full game of pirates was played by myself, Andy and Jes. We played a 3 player clash of sabers.

Here is my Pirate crew, from left to right:
Zora Zapnova (blowing a kiss)
Robin Bishop
Alissa Hancock (beware her blunderbuss)
Salali (who's name means squirrel in her native tongue)
Rainya "Crimson Angel" Crowe (Captain of the crew, and lucky to boot)
Sarah Smith (Ships first mate, and loyal paymaster)
And last, but not least, Rebecca Black

Jes' Pirate crew

And Andy's Privateers.

After deploying and rushing towards the center of the board to meet in battle, there were many gun shots from pistols, blunderbuss', and muskets. Even a few arrows from my Native, before close combat took over most of the game. Andy's Privateer Captain and my Pirate Captain, "Crimson Angel" fight it out in a duel. My captain having already suffered a wound.

Mostly Andy's crew, Salali fights fer her life on the left, and one of Jes' crew (the partially painted model) fights off two at once.

Another look at the battle, down the alley from the above picture. Sarah and Rebecca fight in a desperate battle with the bulk of Jes' crew as one of andy's crew jions the fight on the right against another of jes' crew.

Another angle on the same fight, after this turns combat has been determined. (dice reprisent jammed guns and guns that need reloading.)

Andy's Captain wins the duel without taking a wound (I forgot about my "lucky" reroll rule, and we all forgot to use any fame or fortune points this game, which could have made the fight more interesting... next time, Gadget, next time...)
The end of the game, after being the under dog for most of the game, I was able to pull a victory after most of Andy's crew and all of jes' remaining crew fled the battle. Only, Andy's Captain remained to face the last three of my crew... who swiftly turned the tide and ran him off. Yay!

Closing thoughts... After figuring out jamming and reloading rules, as well as trying to remember movement restrictions, we had a fun filled evening full of funny and great moments in the game. We just need to remember to use Fame and Fortune points, and remember our captain special abilities. This next week we hope to actually get things under way to start the campaign, and perhaps get another game under our belts to get the rules down.

The plan is to brainstorm on campaign ideas, and we will possibly be playing two player games (instead of our recent three player games), with a rotating story teller each week, taking turns progressing the story line for the other players.