Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pirate Basing, and Boat Plans

A couple pictures of ship deck planning and balsa wood measurements.

Basing of my Pirate models, step by step.

A couple of pictures of the Birch Plywood I use for my basing and pricing.

An example of a base in progress, half way trimmed.
Measuring for another plank.

Clipping the base flash into studs, to be inserted into the base.
measure, mark, and drill.

cut slot for the model to fit into.
Measure second slot.
Cut the second slot and glue!
Yay! All done. Now time to prime and paint.


  1. Beautiful! Rotating the images would help the twinge in my neck though. :)

  2. I'll think about it in the future. The images were taken from directly above, so there wasn't really a top or bottom. However, I can see how it would be easier to see rotated, especially how they are laid out and with the sideways birch plywood pictures.

    Future post will be... ummm... more visually appealing, I hope.