Thursday, November 19, 2009

First games with the Wraith Army.

Well, last night was the first day of the escalation league. I played Jes twice, and our armies were pretty evenly matched. Fielding only 1 unit of wraithguard (10+ spirit seer) and a Farseer at 500 points, our games just ended up in a melee furball both games. We both learned a few things about the new rules as well as our armies.

Some guy kept wanting to play me, but he seemed like a jerk and I didn't want to leave Jes hanging... so I accepted as long as it would be a 2 vs. 2 game. I should have listened to my instincts. The guy was... well... one of "Those Guys". He had a minimum troop choice with two suped up demon princes who rerolled their missed hits and wounds each phase, had wings (though not represented on the models), and killed my entire force after I moved once. His partner wasn't much better with a space marine special character and an assault squad (no troops, which means his army list was illegal for the league). Jes held on longer than I did and actually managed to do some wounds on one of the demon princes before being wiped out too.

I hate it when people play just to stomp peoples heads in. Especially in an escalation league meant to introduce new players to the rules and encourage them to build an army. At least Jes and I learned a few more things about the new system in the last game (namely the "No Retreat!" rule), and who not to play against from now on.

Jes and I are still stoked about our armies, and we are still planning our next steps (colour schemes, background, purchases, etc).

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  1. Glad you got a game in with Jesse before That Guy turned up. Too bad Aaron isn't open to much input, 1-6 troops and 0-1 HQ, Elite, FA and HS is the way to avoid such nonsense. Bah, anyway, I'll try not to focus on the negative.

    I want to see some paint on those models. Jesse's too. Painted armies should claim an extra kill point. :)

    What's next on the list for both of you?