Saturday, November 14, 2009

Well, stress has been barely beaten back by the power of converting and planning.
Jes and I have been steadily working on our 40k armies. With Kublacon a ways off, motivation of another sort has blessed us with a need to get our acts together... an escalation league!

Unfortunately, the escalation league starting at 500 points. Which means I can only play in the initial stages of the league if Aaron Hassle decides I can play without using a force organization chart (which he still hasn't given me a clear answer after asking him about it twice). I'm not the only one with this issue though, so hopefully it will be okay to play with my awesome possum army at such a low level for the next few weeks.

Here are some pictures of my W.I.P....

-Messing around with basing options, and planning my warlock conversions:-The 5 units that will compose my army (minus my eventual titan conversion I have planned for the far future):
-A closer look at my Farseer (Who I will be using as Eldrad, note the staff and the sword):
-Another angle of my Avatar:
-One Warwalker almost finished:
-Last, but least, one of my Wraithlords w/converted Starcannon:


  1. Eldrad conversion: 5 stars
    Wraithlord conversion: 5 stars
    Warwalker conversion: 5 stars
    Avatar conversion: 4 stars (and only because the head looks a tiny bit too small)

    A stunning start here, as always your conversions are clean and elegant.

  2. Yeah, the Avatar is a problem child. not only could I not figure out how I could put it into a unique pose (the original idea was to give him a scythe instead of the sword) but I had issues finding something that would work as a good head of the right size.

    I eventually went with the Wraithguard head that's on it in these pictures because it's the closest thing I could find to the right size... but I may end up messing with it more, or even creating my own.

    Thank you for the input, Reu!

  3. Your army is looking great Rob!

    Heres hoping Aaron realizes its a casual league and it would be counterproductive to leave your army out in the cold because you put more thought into it than most...

  4. Talked to him today, and he said that for the 500 pt games you only need 1 troop choice, which means that's all I have besides a toned down farseer. At least I'll be able to play. =)

  5. I love the conversion of the wraithlord's star cannon. I'm going to agree with RC on the ratings, but not for the same reason. To me, the Avatar looks funny because of the weapon choices. A scythe would look damn cool...

  6. Honestly, I've never liked that Avatar model. Now the old one... you could even use a plastic scythe from fantasy..